Determining Handicaps

By Graham Cheater

Over recent years the results of all Monday sessions have been subject to a handicap system. The object is to level the playing field for players of all abilities and to encourage those new to the game.


The handicaps are set on 1st January and 1st July each year and are valid for six months from those respective dates.

The computer generates the average score achieved by each player (Monday results only) and the difference of the resultant score from 50 determines the handicap. For example, a player with an average of 53.6 will have a handicap of -3.6 and a player with an average of 44.7 will have a handicap of +5.3.

All new players are given a handicap of +10.

If a player has played on fewer than six Mondays in the previous six months (approx 5%), then their Tuesday average score is used plus 2.

For example a player averaging 56% on a Tuesday and playing infrequently on Mondays will be given a handicap of -6 plus -2 for a final handicap of -8. A player with a Tuesday average of 46% will have a handicap of +4 adjusted to +2.

If a player has played fewer than six times in the past six months on both Mondays and Tuesdays then their Friday average is adjusted by 1 in a similar way.

It is considered that using the most recent scores obtained reflects more accurately a player’s current form rather than calculating a handicap using their ratings points or playing grade which is determined over a greater period of time.



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